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The Home of Biological Septic Tanks


    Let us welcome you to the home of Kenya Cast Biological Septic Tanks, the best dealers of environmental friendly septic / sewage disposal system through a biodegradation process.
    KCP tanks are rectangular in shape and made of highly vibrated concrete. They consist of body, inlet and outlet baffles. The tanks are specifically designed to be completely gravity powered and are suitable in high water table and inundating areas, they are structurally strong, water-tight, corrosion and buoyancy resistant.

    Want to know more about Biological Septic Tanks?

    This are some Reasons why I think it is both a vital and wise decision to choose KCP LTD Biological septic tanks:

    The KCP septic tank occupies a small construction area. i.e. 1 square metre for domestic purposes and only 2 square metres for commercial purposes hence leaving greater space for other construction purposes.

    KCP LTD tanks are economical, as the construction costs are easy to meet with minimal or no maintenance costs. The construction costs are as from Kshs 90,000.

    The tank does not fill up as it applies the displacement principle, whereby the amount of waste water that enters into the tank displaces the same volume of water from the tank to the French drain (soakage).

    KCP LTD tanks do not therefore leave our clients with the hard time of exhausting the system time after time.

    The bio-degradation process that takes place in the tank makes it easier for faster digestion of waste. As a result it is not common to have bad odor when using KCP LTD tanks as the digestion process begins immediately the waste enters the tank.

    This makes it possible to install the tank anywhere in the compound.

    Clients we worked with

    The company is constituted of a dedicated team of technical staff committed to offering onsite solutions to waste water problems. KCP LTD is a key manufacturer of biological septic tanks made from highly vibrated concrete. Our key concern is that effluent from KCP LTD bio septic tanks is eco-friendly.

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