About Us

Our quality work and durable products are our selling points putting us ahead of our competitors in the market

Kenya Cast Products Limited (KCP LTD)

With over 10 years of expertise, Kenya Cast Products Limited (KCP LTD) stands at the forefront among the leading companies in Kenya dedicated to providing innovative solutions for wastewater management.

Our success is underpinned by a committed team of technical professionals, fervently working towards delivering on-site solutions to wastewater challenges. At the core of our offerings is the manufacturing of biological septic tanks, a pivotal facet of our operations. Crafted from highly vibrated concrete, these tanks exemplify our commitment to quality and durability. 

Notably, our focus extends beyond mere functionality; we prioritize environmental sustainability. KCP LTD places a significant emphasis on ensuring that effluent discharged from our bio septic tanks aligns with eco-friendly standards, reflecting our dedication to responsible waste management practices.

Our Legacy

Kenya Cast Products founder Joseph Kamau

Joseph Kamau founded Kenya Pre-cast Products in 2006, which was later renamed Kenya Cast Products in 2014. His innovative idea of creating square mono-block tanks instead of the round ones that were in the market then, propelled him to the forefront of bio-septic tank technology. As a result, Kenya Cast Products has been the leading provider of wastewater management solutions for almost two decades.

He was more than just a founder and a boss. He was a visionary, a leader, and an unapologetic family man. He hired his two daughters, who worked alongside him as head of finance and head of marketing, until his passing in April 2023.

His legacy lives on, and his family business continues to strive towards becoming the top provider of wastewater treatment solutions.

Our Journey - Milestones

Our Vision

To be a key leader in waste water management through the design and onsite construction of our biological septic tanks.

Our Mission

To be the market leader in design and onsite construction of reinforced concrete mono-block biological septic tanks and conserve the environment by releasing bio-degraded effluent that is within the required chemical parameters.

This are some Reasons why I think it is both a vital and wise decision to choose KCP LTD Biological septic tanks:

Small Footprint

The KCP septic tank occupies a small construction area. i.e. 1 square metre for domestic purposes and only 2 square metres for commercial purposes hence leaving greater space for other construction purposes.KCP LTD tanks are economical, as the construction costs are easy to meet with minimal or no maintenance costs. The construction costs are as from Kshs 90,000.

Cost Effective

The tank does not fill up as it applies the displacement principle, whereby the amount of wastewater that enters the tank displaces the same volume of water from the tank to the French drain (soakage area). KCP LTD tanks do not therefore leave our clients with the hard time of exhausting the system time after time. Our clients also have the option of using the nitrogen-rich effluent for their green spaces saving them money on fresh water to water their lawns or fences

Waste processing

The bio-degradation process that takes place in the tank makes it easier for faster digestion of waste. As a result it is not common to have bad odor when using KCP LTD tanks as the digestion process begins immediately the waste enters the tank. This makes it possible to install the tank anywhere in the compound.

Our Goals

SDG 6.2

Achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation.

SDG 6.3

Improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increasing recycling and safe reuse globally

Our Values


We strive to act with honesty and integrity, while also prioritizing the delivery of technical excellence.


We maintain an unwavering emphasis on safety and quality.


We develop lasting relationships with our clients.


We partner with registered professional engineers capable of innovative engineering including process mechanical, and control designs.

Trust and Worth

Our Clients